9 May 2011


It's been a few months now, but series of rather happy events have kept me from updating this blog.

I've finally managed to defend my PhD thesis on the 13.01.2011. After 3.5 hours of intense debate - at the end of which my external was saying: "let's try to finish today, I can see we're going somewhere now" - my committee gave me "minor corrections" (the best in UK since "admitted immediately" is never awarded AFAIK) and congratulated me on my excellent defense...They just needed to make me work for it, that's how it's supposed to be (yeah welcome to the UK 'old universities' way of awarding a PhD).

Final title is: "Contextual Governance for Service Oriented Architecture Composition".

Of course it was a real blast to be back in Newcastle and meet my mates!

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Gabi said...

Congrats, dr. Pierre!