21 July 2009

Summer tour 2009 part 1, AFIN and ICWS

AFIN’09 [1], in Glyfada, earlier this summer was a blast. These IARIA conferences might have a bad reputation amongst the academic community but I keep having a good time. This time I hooked up with some old acquaintance from Luxembourg University and met Reijo Savola from VTT amongst other Finns. We talked a bit about the GEMOM project [2] which seem to share a set of common goals with what we are working on at BT [3]. Hopefully further discussions with Reijo and Habtamu Abie from the Norwegian Computing Center will happen and be fruitful!

At the very opposite, ICWS [4], one of the top event in SOA in the academic calendar was very disappointing…Organisation was poor and the sessions I went to were almost empty. In addition, how can a paper on federated identity such as [5] can even make it to a research conference (especially one like ICWS) is staggering. As far as I can see there is no innovation, XACML solutions have been out there for 2-3 years at least now. Works from industry leaders like Layer 7, Vordel, Microsoft, Axiomatics and academic organisations like Newcastle, Vrije Universiteit and plenty others have been completely missed…very poor choice of paper. A quick look at that paper and its related work section will, I think, shock any SOA security researcher.

[1] The First International Conference on Advances in Future Internet, AFIN 2009, June 18-23, 2009 - Athens/Glyfada, Greece, http://www.iaria.org/conferences2009/AFIN09.html

[2] Genetic Message Oriented Genetic Middleware (GEMOM), A FP7 European Project - January 2008 – June 2010, http://www.gemom.eu

[3] Dimitrakos, T., Brossard, D. and de Leusse, P., Securing the Service Oriented Infrastructure: research challenges and emerging solutions, Handbook on communications and information security, Stavroulakis, P, 2009, To be published

[4] IEEE 7th International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2009), July 6-10, 2009, Los Angeles, CA, USA, http://conferences.computer.org/icws/2009/

[5] Regina N. Hebig, Christoph Meinel, Michael Menzel, Ivonne Thomas, Robert Warschofsky, A Web Service Architecture for Decentralised Identity- and Attribute-based Access Control, Proc. 7th IEEE ICWS (Application and Industry Track), Los Angeles, USA, July 2009