5 December 2006

Family Tree

My first post and it's not about computing...

I just had a e-chat with a far cousin of mine who lives in Belgium. He has made the effort to put the de Leusse family tree (hence the title) online which is fantastic. He told me that 12 years ago they organised a big family meeting with about 200 persons attending. There would be a possibility that it is reconducted, as I've never met any de Leusse appart from my close family, it could be interesting.

Two or three years ago I exchanged a few e-mails with Charles. Charles was very kind and introduced me to the history of our family. This pretty much set me up to date on this topic.

For those who know a litle bit about me, you know that I get excited about the history fluff. I find it great to get to know anything about history moreover if it's about my family. There's been a few books written on the de Leusse, so maybe one day I'll know the underlying history more in details.