16 November 2009

Wedding and next move

That should be in the previous post about the 2nd part of the summer 2009, but it's so important I thought it deserved its own post!

So yes Anna and I now share the same family name. The ceremony was nice, see some of the photos on my Facebook [1] account for more details. It was also the occasion for our families to meet – for the first time – and it all went smoothly. Funny moment when my parents “discretely” whispered to me during the ceremony that the rings were on the wrong hand...turns out in Poland and in France THE hand is not the same.

After this, I went to Krakow for a job interview at the Distributed Group of AGH University [2]. This went just as well as the wedding and I was offered a job on the spot! And guess what, I'm starting on the 1st of December. Needless to say that Anna and I are delighted, we'll finally be able to settle somewhere – and in Krakow s'il vous plaĆ®t!

[1] http://www.facebook.com/pierre.de.leusse (I've just realised that I'm a resource on the Facebook website, this is so cool and so geeky!)

[2] http://portal.ics.agh.edu.pl

Summer tour 2009 part 2, more submissions and writing up

It seems a bit late to write about the second part of last summer but here goes.

Following ICWS, I kept writing on my thesis (and still am) as well as polishing an article for a special edition “Security and Trust Management for Dynamic Coalitions” of the Wiley's Journal on Security and Communication Networks [1].

This was hard work that finally paid off thanks to David, Aris and couldn't have been done without Theo's guidance [2]. For the record this was a 6 months long denouement, with the 1st submission in January (2009) of 70ish pages which was accepted with major revisions, the 2nd submission of 20 pages long but which didn't comprise a change log that specified what and why we did changes in function of the reviews provided, before finally this last one...

By the way kudos to the reviewers for not only accepting the tedious task of going through and reviewing 70 pages of technical text but also doing it as well as they did! This is probably the best pieces of reviewing I have seen to date.

[1] http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/114299116/home?CRETRY=1&SRETRY=0

[2] David Brossard, Nektarios Georgalas and Theo Dimitrakos